2 Large Rugs for Savannah


These 2 pads are to be cut at ~ 9 x 12 and ~ 6.3 x 11.5 

These are THE BEST pads you can buy for rugs. High-quality LARGE pad, custom cut to your specific rug and incredible for old rugs in particular because it's low profile but still has nice body for your rug / textile.  Also, it's 100% ALL NATURAL. 


These pads are specifically for high-quality hand-knotted rugs. 1/3 inch thick, provides structure to extend the longevity and quality of your rug. These pads are also reversible for all types of floors (wood, carpet, tile, marble, etc); high-quality rubber on one side lays on your hard surface and it prevents slipping and sliding and decreases folding and wrinkling of rugs, and high-quality micro-fiber on the other side to help grip rug, and will help grip to wall to wall carpet if your rug is going on a carpet floor.