A Mystical Art Form

For the curious old souls out there that are forever craving to expand the horizons of their knowledge, capacity, and appreciation - one MUST look into the source of this art-form before truly having the ability to unlock the appreciation it deserves... 


Portrait of a Weaver


Do you see this picture? Believe it or not, this is a rug.  It is woven with pure lamb wool from the stomach and neck of the sheep where it wasn't exposed to the sun, making for a softer wool. This piece even has subtle silk highlights in her ring.  This rug was woven in one of the best rug weaving cities the world has ever known, and the reason I acquired this piece for my personal collection, is two-fold.

- First, it reminds me of my great grandmother - she looks almost exactly like her. 

- Second, it is a reminder of what the faces of the nameless artisans that weave these pieces look like.  It is a constant reminder of what grit, determination, dedication, and humility looks like.  We see this image several times a day at our studio and it is always a reminder of whom we have the immense pleasure of working for as we transcend their art into the homes and hearts of our customers for decades, and even generations as they pass them down to their children, family or friends.  We are nothing but a messenger for these weavers, artists, and masters - honoring them is the heartbeat of our business and always at the forefront of our ethos.

I hope you see in her face, her eyes, and her soul the very essence that she pours into her art with her fingers one small knot at a time - absolute pure love.  Gradually as you move closer to seeing these ancient rugs as portals from the past instead of rugs, you will recognize these pieces in many ways the weaver's journals, daily accounts, and interpretation of life manifested by symbols, motifs, landscapes, and other folklore and secret messages they choose to weave inside these mystical textiles.  You may not see all of her messages right away, but sit with your rug, drink it with your eyes, let your mind race as it connects dots from trails she may have left you, and open your heart to accept the passion she put out into the world.  When you are locking eyes with a piece that speaks to you, you are in the presence of a piece that has taken over a trillion coincidences for it to have crossed your path; how in the world was a rug woven 100+ years ago by women in remote parts of the world ended up in front of you thousands of miles away from where it was created?  Some call it fate, kismet, or destiny - and others know language is too clumsy of a tool to put that feeling into words, so instead they smile as something unspoken inside them starts to awaken.  You will become a rug lover when we are done with you, and it has nothing to do with us, or with you, and everything to do with ancient objects that hold an energy unlike anything else - we are merely the bridge, the messenger, and the shepherds of these sacred rugs. Welcome to the splendor of old rugs and carpets, old soul...