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SOLD 3.9 x 6.4 | Iggy | Antique tribal nomadic rug


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All of our antique & vintage rugs are professionally cleaned prior to being listed.    

Name: Iggy

Size: 6.4 x 3.9

Pile: Low 

About: Incredibly attractive tribal rug with beautiful colors! Great condition with age-related wear.  Wool pile with wool foundation, very small patch (see the last photo).  This duel medallion design is incredible with a very striking and powerful feeling.  I must say, this rug exudes very nice energy.  Wool pile rug with wool foundation that speaks to its age and the region where it's from.  One of THE MOST attractive medium-sized rugs we've come across!

This is a one-of-a-kind rug, no others available. Due to the nature of these pieces being hand-knotted with great age and story, no rug will be perfect or straight and you should expect age-related wear. 

Rug Pads: Without question, you should consider a custom cut rug pad for any rug.  This isn't a normal pad you can get from the store, it's a specific pad for rugs.  It protects the rug from underneath and adds a nice body to the rug, as well as helps prevent the rug from slipping, sliding, wrinkling, etc. Because no two rugs are exactly alike, we custom cut each pad exactly for each rug.  Pads are about 3/8 inch thick, with one side a high-quality rubber and the other side a nice microfiber.  If you have any other questions about the pad or anything else, just ask!


A note from me to you about rug buying:  if you see something you like and the colors, design, and size work for you - there is something special about you finding the rug and the rug finding you.  Most of our rugs are rugs that were woven in remote villages or mountainous regions by nomads many moons ago.  Most likely they were women, perhaps sisters or close friends, pouring their heart and soul into weaving these incredible pieces of art to use, trade, gift, and/or sell - and then that same rug at some point went to its new owner, and then another owner, and perhaps another - and then we somehow stumbled upon it and magically it ends up in our shop in Milwaukee, WI... and then, through many random or not so random coincidences, finds you. 

I've always said the story of a rug is unlike anything else, and purchasing one forms a new relationship between the weaver and the new owner.  I know a lot about rugs and their meanings and intentions behind their symbols etc., but it is impossible to ever know the exact journey of a rug - we can only imagine - and what good is art and story without imagination?  So, I encourage you to purchase rugs (and any other art) with your heart and remember that these pieces will be adding to your story, the same way you will be adding to theirs. This is the framework we have when we buy and curate our collection for you, and we hope you keep this in mind when searching for a piece that speaks to you.