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SOLD | SHOW-STOPPING Antique Heriz Rug | "The Most Gorgeous Online"| Coral, Ice, Denim Tribal Masterpiece, C. 1910 | ~8.9 x 11


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All of our antique & vintage rugs are professionally cleaned prior to being listed.

Some pics are darker and lighter due to the iPhone vs the DSLR, that coupled with some of the times we were taking photos of the darker side of the rug (looking into the pile/nap) and other times we were photographing the lighter side of the rug (going with the pile/nap); so, this is why you see the variation of light and dark.  All in all, it's a richer piece but your lighting will effect how much it glows!

Name: SHOW-STOPPING Antique Tribal Rug | "The Most Gorgeous Online"|  Coral, Ice, Denim Tribal Masterpiece, C. 1910's

Size: ~ 8.9 x 11

Age: Antique

Pile: Low with lovely age-related wear.  The patina on this piece simply adds to its story and history.  We have secured both sides of the fringes for the new owner, and we have tidied up whatever other areas may need some love.  Old rugs NEED to be imperfect, otherwise what's the point? 

About this rug: BY FAR ONE OF THE MOST GORGEOUS RUGS ONLINE. I really was debating whether I should list this piece for sale. I almost kept it. I never keep rugs for myself, I love to share these pieces with the world and let them go where they were meant to go by all of our amazing customers, design firms, and clients around the world - but this one really almost stayed with me for a short or long while. I was looking at this piece when it came back from being cleaned and I couldn't stop looking at it. I haven't been able to really compare many pieces to this one. No writing will do this piece justice, however, for the sake of mentioning specific characteristics about this piece, here goes nothing. It is full of such an organic and unimaginably pretty abrash, the organic dyes, the rare color palette, the oversized power-medallion, the random bits of rare black-like blues, the watermelon/coral field, the greens, the uneven and joyous cry-worthy imbalance throughout the piece, the asymmetrical elements in sizes in the border widths, in finial sizes, in palmettes colors and stylized tips and ends, the ancient turtle border, the natural age-related wear adding that genuine character, history and age - and so much more. I was looking at this piece as I do all the pieces we list and I got lost. I swear 20 minutes must have passed by as the trans I was in washed over me. When you're looking up into the stars, you realize just how small you are, and how large the world is. How small your problems are, and how insignificant you are - what a humble reminder of the shortness and beauty of life. When I was looking into this piece, I reached the same conclusion, but my mind went on the opposite side of the spectrum - I was reminded how magnificent we are. Just how much magic we can truly create and how our art, and what we are able to create and do - is simply miraculous. A humble reminder of how beautiful life really is and how lucky we are to all partake in this human experience together. Art like this can freeze time and send off into the cosmos, after all, weren't the weavers doing the same? Their ethos is always deeply connected with nature and the universe - and what good is art if it doesn't on some level speak to those elements of life inside all of us? This piece took me there, and not many do. In a way, of course, each piece in our inventory had to move us to be a part of our collection, but this one moved me in a way that connected me to an intangible feeling, perhaps the spirit of the weavers that created this piece. Who knows, but one thing is certain - if you purchase this piece - you have to promise me that you will cherish it. I've decided to list it because it will impact the new buyer like it did me, and maybe even more. I am so lucky to be surrounded by mystical pieces of art every single day of my life, so I am constantly being reminded of the spectacle that life is and the capacity us humans have to transcend ourselves through art, love, and connection with nature - but the new owner of this piece can only buy this piece if they see in it not what I see in it, as it is very subjective, but whatever they see it has to move them so much so that they couldn't see a future without this piece. That's how I felt when I first stumbled upon it, and I hope it also loves at first sight for you reading this. The best thing about undeniable instincts is that when we're right - it is the combination of love at first sight, and then it will also grow on you more and more each day, falling deeper and deeper for it. Thinking about to whom this piece will go to excites me a bit because it deserves to be with someone that will genuinely cherish it every single day. I really have no idea where any of our rugs go, and sometimes I bring in rugs that I know specific designers and clients of ours will love, and most of the time we're right - but this piece will really have to go somewhere special. The buyer will truly have to see in it what I see, and maybe more. I can see the weavers who wove this - I can close my eyes and disappear into the village where these weavers so masterfully and diligently would take the hand-spun wool and tie it around the foundation, one knot at a time. Smiling at their work, speaking amongst each other. Exchanging yarns when needed. Looking at each other's work, admiring the unique style of the weaver next to her. When I look at this piece, I know that there must have been a passion for this art form, otherwise such beauty couldn't exist. No one rushed to weave this - this took time and dedication. This was unfolding as they sat down to weave. There is too much merit, too much heart, and too much soul to be anything else. You unroll this rug and you really feel its energy. I'm not kidding, you will feel her presence. I look at this rug and it just resonates with me. As I'm writing this, I hope whoever is reading this understands that this is not just a beautiful rug, this is a piece of raw and organic art made the way anything difficult, admired, and sought after was - with blood, sweat and tears. You should see every rug this way, but it is pieces like this that remind us, or give us that paradigm shift from the "gorgeous rug on the floor", to "oh, my, goodness....what is this? Where did this come from? Where did you get this? How does this exist?" And if you become the owner of this rug (or any rug you love that speaks to your soul), you should be able to answer all of those questions.. And when you answer it, the feeling from your heart should unleash the words that enter the world; otherwise, what's the point? Why invest in something like this? There are so many less expensive rugs that you can buy that are also beautiful - buy one of those. If this rug doesn't seduce, arrest, captivate, inspire, or feed you - then select a different piece. This should hold you hostage to its beauty. You should be captivated in a way that is hard to explain with words or language. All things that move you should do this. The truth is things that are made by hand carry energy with them. You don't have to believe in it, nor do you have to entertain it - but that's ok, it will affect your subconscious without you even knowing.  Significant objects hold life - it will drain you or it will feed you. Plants, art, natural light, colors, woods, etc., it's all real. The world is intertwined and you are part of the dance - what you surround yourself with will impact your mood, energy, and life. This is why we believe story-telling rugs matter. This is why we only curate high-energy pieces. We have LITERALLY given rugs away that didn't feel right, that didn't speak to us. That doesn't mean it holds bad energy, it just didn't feed our frequency - and this one does and for me, it elevates it to another level. I am very picky about our rugs and what we curate - I am very distinct and deliberate about what our brand stands for and that is part of our success - we care. At some point, money as a currency only goes so far. There are other currencies we all trade on; kindness, memories, feelings, emotions, time, etc. No amount of money could transport me back into the scene these weavers were in while weaving this piece. That is invaluable. I'm not saying this piece has to do this for you, but if you're the buyer for this rug, open it up and don't look at it, but see it. Put your hand on the wool, and feel it. Hold the rug, feel its body, and let it take you where it will. Again, its beauty is overwhelming, but if you're open to accepting its knowledge, history, culture, and heritage - if you're open to letting it feed your heart - it will fill it up with so much humanity that you will explode with gratitude. 3-4 women sat down and wove this rug together for months and months. They probably sang together, talked about life, talked about the rug, spoke about their children, chanted together, prayed together, helped each other, encouraged each other, covered for one another, and bonded together from all of this. How can you bottle that up? It's all literally woven in the fabric of this piece. Every single one of the thousands of knots is filled with so much love. There is one quote that can sum it all up, it's one of my favorite quotes of all time;

"You are not a drop of water in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop" - Rumi

And this is exactly what this piece stands for to me...

"This piece doesn't exist from every knot by the weaver, but from the weaver's existence in every knot" 💜 

This rug is one-of-a-kind, only one available.

Because of the nature and age of these older/antique handmade pieces, irregularities and age-related wear are likely to exist and are not considered defects.

Any questions about this rug? Don't hesitate to reach out!

We always recommend a high-quality custom cut pad for any and all rugs; these pads are made for hand-knotted rugs. They create a body and support the knots of the rug, as well as prevent it from slipping and sliding.

A note from us to you: Buying a rug is special; it's not just you finding the rug, but also the rug finding you. Think about the many coincidences that have to occur for you to find the rug of your dreams. Our rugs are woven by nomads in the villages and remote mountainous regions of the major rug weaving districts across the world. All of our rugs are genuinely old and one-of-a-kind. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. The story of a rug is something we think about a lot; who was the weaver(s)? Did they weave it for personal use, commerce, to gift, or trade? Who was the second owner, and the third!? Sometimes the little motifs and symbols in rugs can help tell the story, but we will never truly know - there's something beautiful about that. Alas, our joy is to curate these incredible pieces that speak to us, and to pass them along to their new owners to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come; both continuing to add to the story of the rug, and to the story of the new owners.

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