We pride ourselves on having truly the most unique, carefully curated, and infinitely beautiful pieces in our collection; all sourced from around the world, from one discerning eye to another.

Hand-Spun Organic Wool Pile

Because our pieces are genuinly old, every single rug in our inventory is hand-spun with organic sheep wool, camel hair, and/or goat hair. Very strong, durable, and soft fibers create each and every piece and the main reason why these pieces last generations.

All-Natural Dyes

Almost every single color in every one of our pieces is dyed in natural & organic dyes; vegetables, minerals, spices, and flora - all from their enviorment and lands. There is nothing quite like looking at the universe of depth that only quality dyes can provide.

Woven By Soulful, Master Weavers

Every single piece we carry is genuinly hand-knotted one small knot at a time by the graceful master weavers from around the world. Everything we do honors them. Months, and sometimes years to weave just one rug...

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