The Loom House is a company founded by Hemad Fadaifar, a world traveler, entrepreneur, and rug enthusiast as he grew up in the rug business as a child, and Barbie Marquette a product stylist, house/design lover, & photographer. Together they are curating a collection of unbelievably mystical, soulful, and decorative rugs that are not only unique, but living and breathing works of art that elevate a space. for our fellow old souls out there with a discerning eye.  There is a reason for every single piece in their inventory.  A beautiful rug is pretty common, but a beautiful rug that speaks to you without saying a word, that pierces through the fluff and yanks you in to it's world with it's raw and unforgiving allure, a beautiful rug that was woven with intent where you can see the weaver in her work - this is what rugs are all about.  Beautiful in both the message and the look.  These are the pieces you'll find at The Loom House.