The Journey of buying a true Antique or Vintage rug should be thoughtful and deeply enjoyable. 


To all whom are Local and/or Nearby (Milwaukee, Chicago and the surrounding areas), you are always more than welcome to stop by our Warehouse by appointment.  


If you want to try some rugs and runners in your space, we will bring a selection of pieces to try them in person in your lighting and with your decor etc.  Reach out to us and let's throw some rugs around in your space and have a ball! 



The fact is, that there are no great places for Antique and Vintage rugs in Milwaukee, and the Antique and Vintage rug options in Chicago are not only curated in bulk making each piece a bit more commercial, but they will also cost you an arm AND a leg.  We know this market better than nearly anyone else, and our curation and unique collection will not only stand-up to anyone else's, in many cases it will outshine in rarity, selection, and price.  We hope you take advantage of proximity if you're nearby, we'd love to meet and show you some lovely eye candy! 😃 


Reach out to us and let's set something up; contact Hemad 414-405-6553