Yes, we are one of the only Online Antique Rug Outfitters that allows returns for a full refund.  We do honor the returns when the client has purcahsed the rug(s) at regular price; if the item is on sale or discounted and you want to return that item then we can discuss it, but usually it is returned for in-store credit towards something else. It is important for our clients to have a nice expereince shopping these beautiful rugs and you are never stuck with a rug you don't love - just let us know it doesn't work for you within 3 days of receiving it and we just ship it back to us in the condition that you received it in and we will issue you a refund.  Returns are not accepted if shipped out of the US due to logistics etc.  Import, Duty, and Vat taxes or charges are the buyers responsibilities as we don't know each countries policies.  Regarding normal returns; if you are buying rugs from companies that do not accept returns, you should be suspicious and think twice.  These are larger purchases and you need to be sure it works for you and that you love it in your lighting, with your fabrics, in your space, and it feeds your eyes and soul the way art does! 

Yes they are.  We clean all of our rugs by hand (old fashioned hand cleaning) is the best way for these rugs to be cleaned.  We de-dust your rug, and then wash it with a nice soft brush, cold water, and Oriental rug shampoo. Some of the old antique rugs that have all natural vegetable dyes get hosed down after the vacuuming process as well, and then washed with the shampoo.

Yes they are. We pride ourselves on authentic, one-of-a-kind hand-knotted pieces that will last for decades to come. No trendy acid washed crap! 

All of our rugs are genuinely aged.  Don't be fooled by new rugs that are made to look old.  Unfortunately, some people either aren't clear, don't tell the truth, or simply don't know - whichever it is, you get the short end of the stick and that's not ok. Feel free to ask us for a second opinion.  Every once in a while we'll bring in vintage pieces that have had their colors muted or altered to be toned down, which is a great look for those that like softer colors - but we always state which those are. At the end of the day, you like what you like, but you should always know what you're buying and if the piece is authentic, genuinely old, what the country of origin is, and how the colors are created etc.  If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

No.  We have many rugs, there's no way we can photo/list all of them.  Let us know what you're looking for (size, colors, design/style) and we'll see what we got for you!

Yes, typically it's 10%, but we've done more in the future, it just depends on the project. Fill out our form under "Partners in the Trade" page for us to email it to you, or simply just ask.  We usually start with 10% to build a relationship and then proceed from there, but we have some extremely loyal designers that use us for all their projects and have us source for them and we give them tremendous pricing with free pads/free shipping and whatever other bells and whistles.  It is all about building a strong and long relationship for us, along with open communication.  If you have a budget, just let us know and we'll work with you - no worries at all! 

Yes, every now and again.  However, we really do try and price our rugs to sell.  We will always work with you, but we also don't want to be taken advantage of.  The "deal" should be fair for everyone and both parties should be happy.

Heck yes! That's one of our SUPER POWERS! Let us know the project and what you're looking for with some guidelines and we'll exceed all expectations! 


Yes. Reach out and inquire about rug leasing.

Yes.  Reach out, whether in person or online!

Yes, best pads in the business. Inquire with your rug size for a quote.

And use our new Chat feature on our website if you want to chat with Hemad!