Trendy Rugs - A Word to the Wise

There is something you need to know... You see these rugs below? You may have seen them all-over Instagram, all-over Pinterest, and all-over trendy blogs and sites because there are A LOT of dealers who sell this stuff - well, you as the consumer NEEDS to know how these rugs become this color and I guarantee most of the dealers that sell this stuff don't even know the truth, which is a shame because they need to know exactly what they're selling and you need to know exactly what you're buying...



These rugs are not very old. The wool is shaved down. The rug is washed with harsh chemicals that burn the wool to "distress" it. The acid is washed over to strip or mute the colors.  The rug is washed and dried by the sun to fade it even more.  UMMMMM, WHAT?! Yes, that's right.  That's essentially the process. 


It is no secret that GENUINE antique rugs were woven to show off the colors in the fields, gardens, and nature itself - hence why you see lots of natural colors from the Earth in their rugs.  But when you take these original rugs and wash and treat them with tons of CHEMICALS and TOXIC ACID - it strips the dyes, burns the wool, damages the rug, and you get a muted and toned down look with soft colors (see above). This is a trend.  It will not last.  There is no resell value.  And by all means, if you're ok with putting toxic and highly acidic textiles in your home, under your feet, under your children's feet, and even your pets feet - go for it.  Just know, that these pieces are often rugs that aren't very old, they are shaved down, "distressed" with lots of work from acid to burning the wool and whatever else they do to give it an antique look, and then they "treat" the rugs by stripping it of their dyes to make it softer colors.  I get that you may want a softer and lighter feel in your decor, and yes some of the acid washed trendy rugs turn out attractive - but at the very least Ask your rug dealer if these rugs are good for you, healthy for you, if they're made with any toxins or chemicals, if they are made with natural dyes, and what the long term effects are to have them in your home.  Ask the person you are buying them from how old the rug is, how they get these muted colors, and if it's ok to have your kids crawling around on them - and please let me know what they say, I'm curious.  I've sold a few of these myself to clients after I've told them all of this.  I'm not positive what the short term effects are on your health, body, and in the air, but I it is a shame people are buying these left and right and have absolutely no idea what they're buying. 


Real Antique Rugs: natural and organic materials, honoring ancient culture and art, genuinely old and incredibly durable with great resell value today and tomorrow.

Trendy Acid-Washed Rugs: acid washed, artificially distressed, not very old, possibly toxic in your home, and no resell value after the trend is gone. 

Choose wisely!

The Loom House