Interior Designers and Firms like you do so much for the client; listen carefully, push boundaries, meet their needs, take their vision and turn it into reality while meeting expectations and all that jazz! Bravo because that is not an easy task.  You're good at what you do, and we are good at what we do; so... we are here to do ALL OF YOUR RUG STUFF.  Outsource the entire rug part of your project to us; tell us what you need, the credentials, colors, size, approximate budget, feel, mood board and/or whatever else you think would help us and we will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with options. Whether you're working with an existing rug or art, wanting to create a mood or vibe, bring in some color or tone things down, add some texture or get something durable, antique or contemporary or even a custom woven rug - outsource any and all rug needs to us. 

We have sourced for big names and large firms in Portland, New York, and Dubai, we have Production Companies reach out for TV Shows & Films, and we have sourced for Commercial Projects like Hotels to Retail Boutiques like DASH in LA for the Kardashians on Melrose Ave (they ended up buying a wonderful Ferahan Sarouk!).


We will find your perfect rug. It is one of our favorite parts of our work! 😃 

Reach out to us with what you're looking for and we'll get to work! or 414-405-6553