Sold Rugs

A few pieces that have been sold recently.  Every sold rug closes its chapter with us and starts its new chapter wherever it ends up.  If you see anything you like, we encourage you to be thoughtful but don't hesitate.  I talk to so many clients that buy a rug that speaks to them and weeks, months, and years go by and they literally message me and tell me how happy they are that they didn't wait and went with their instinct.  These pieces will grow on you every single day, that is a promise.
10 x 13 rug 100 year old runner 10x13 10x13 rug 10x14 10x14 antique rug 10x14 antique sumac 10x14 persian rug 10x14 vintage rug 2x3 2x3 antique rug 3 x 10 antique runner 3 x 10 vintage runner 3 x 12 runner 3x5 3x5 antique persian 3x5 antique rug 3x5 vintage persian 4x6 4x6 rug 5x10 rug 5x7 5x8 6x9 persian rug 6x9 rug 6x9 turkish rug 7x10 persian rug 7x10 Vintage heriz 8 x 10 rug 8 x 11 persian rug 8x10 8x10 antique rug 8x10 Persian rug 8x10 rug 8x10 vintage rug 8x11 antique rug 9x12 9x12 antique rug antique 3x5 rug antique 4x6 rug antique 6x9 rug antique 8x10 rug antique 9x12 rug antique bidjar antique blue rug antique ferahan antique foyer rug antique hamadan rug antique heriz antique Heriz rug antique kerman antique mat rug antique muted runner antique navy rug antique persian antique persian rug antique rug antique runner antique sarouk runner antique serapi Antique Serapi Heriz antique serapi rug antique shiraz antique sumac antique tribal rug antique turkish rug antique wool rug bathroom rug bedroom rug beige vintage runner big worn antique rug black antique rug blue and orange rug blue antique runner blue rug blue vintage rug boho runner bold antique rug bold rug botanical rug bright antique rug camel hair rug camel hair runner caucasian rug colorful antique rug colorful rug colorful vintage rug dining room rug distressed rug Distressed runner elephant track rug entryway rug extra long rug extra long runner ferahan sarouk fine antique rug floral antique rug geometric geometric rug girl's room hallway rug heriz heriz karaja serapi heriz rug huge rug huge worn rug karaja kazak rug kerman kermanshah kitchen rug kitchen runner large antique rug large distressed rug large rug large serpai rug large vintage rug living room rug long sarouk runner mahal malayer mashad rug muted antique rug muted vintage rug narrow and long runner narrow antique rug narrow rug narrow runner navy antique rug navy antique runner navy vintage rug neutral antique rug neutral vintage rug nursery old rug oversized palace rug palace size palace size rug palace size vintage rug persian 9x12 rug persian rug persian runner persian serapi pink and green runner pink antique rug pink rug prayer rug private private collection runner sarouk Serapi Serapi rug shiraz shiraz rug shiraz runner silk rug skinny runner slim rug small antique rug small persian rug small vintage rug square rug stair runner staircase rug stairway rug sumac sumac sumak sumack traditional antique tribal antique rug tribal rug tribal runner turkish antique rug turkish rug Turkish runner turquoise unique rug very long runner vintag 3 x 5 rug vintag sarouk rug vintage 6x9 rug vintage 8x10 rug vintage 9x12 rug vintage colorful runner vintage geometric rug vintage hallway runner vintage heriz rug vintage mat rug vintage persian vintage persian rug vintage rug vintage runner vintage stair runner vintage sumac vintage tribal rug vintage turkish rug wide runner rug wool rug worn rug worn runner