3 x 5 | Incredible Antique Rug from the Caucasian Mountains | Drake

*All of our antique & vintage rugs are professionally cleaned prior to being listed.*

Name: Drake

Size: 3 x 5

Age: Antique

Pile: Low

About: This is what it's all about - antique tribal rugs 100 years old from the mountains by nomads that wove rugs for themselves and practical purposes. This Leshgi star motif is one of the most iconic; but where did it come from? Did the weaves look up at night and get inspired by the universe the way we do today? Did they have visions of blue skies with beaming red rays of the sun - hence their color palette? Why is there a row of nomadic stars and pinwheels motifs above one of the medallions and not the other? Is there a directional component to this piece, and if so what does it mean? These are the fascinating elements that add mystique to these ancient pieces. Humans creating from their mind, heart, and reality for their own use - but wouldn't it have been much easier not to create interesting designs and just weave a completely singular colored rug? Pride is one of the ingredients for good art, along with inspiration - something moved these women to weave these rugs, and that is powerful. This piece has some nice geometric and hard linear lines and angles adding some nice bold and casual elements. The handful of animals woven in adds the idea of protection, possibly protecting the "mother medallion" in the center from harm. Incredibly deep and moody blues, with saturated reds, beige, and earthy colors give this rug an impossible to ignore look and a true character piece with the amount of genuinely age-ed patina. That is the story, and that story is the heartbeat to art, in our opinion.

This rug is one-of-a-kind, only one available. Because of the nature and age of these older/antique handmade pieces, irregularities and age-related wear are likely to exist and are not considered defects.

Any questions about this rug? Don't hesitate to reach out!

We always recommend a high-quality custom cut pad for any and all rugs; these pads are made for hand-knotted rugs. They create a body and support the knots of the rug, as well as prevent it from slipping and sliding.

A note from us to you: Buying a rug is special; it's not just you finding the rug, but also the rug finding you. Think about the many coincidences that have to occur for you to find the rug of your dreams. Our rugs are woven by nomads in the villages and remote mountainous regions of the major rug weaving districts across the world. All of our rugs are genuinely old and one-of-a-kind. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. The story of a rug is something we think about a lot; who was the weaver(s)? Did they weave it for personal use, commerce, to gift, or trade? Who was the second owner, and the third!? Sometimes the little motifs and symbols in rugs can help tell the story, but we will never truly know - there's something beautiful about that. Alas, our joy is to curate these incredible pieces that speak to us, and to pass them along to their new owners to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come; both continuing to add to the story of the rug, and to the story of the new owners.

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