High-End Antique Rug, C. 1890's | UNBELIEVABLE Botanical & Architectural GEM | 8.6 x 11.6

We carry authentic Antique rugs and VIntage rugs that are truly one of a kind made all by hand with organic dyes and natural hand-spun wool. These mystical pieces have all been professionally cleaned prior to being listed and ready to use. Our entire collection is carefully curated with an extremely picky and discerning eye that captures the heart and soul of these weavers, and the story they share in their nomadic masterpieces.

Name: Bella

Size: 8.6 x 11.6

Age: Antique

Pile: Low

About: Well... what is there to say about this rug that eyes can't see. It is beyond beautiful, beyond jaw-dropping, and more than grand - it is all-encompassing. It is vast in it's nourishment to the eyes and to the soul - a source of giving. Every single knot is tied with dedication, you can see that because the workmanship is unreal. Every color dyed with natural dyes, which you can see because of the richness and depth in each centimeter. The design of this rug incorporates the rich and luscious gardens of Persia, mixed with the iconic inspired architecture of the old empire. The handful of borders woven in this piece really frame the center perfectly. Each border could be a solo border of another rug, the detail, intricacy, and fluidity create a nice flow for the eyes before we get into the fairy tale in the center. The four corner spandrels are remarkably detailed surrounding the pistachio green finial medallion motif. And then, of course, you get to the field of the rug which delicately dances with rich berry hues, deep crimson-scarlet, pistachio greens, extremely unusual lavender and lilac hues, all outlines and traced with indigo stem from flower to flower. This antique beige field color help holds up this stark contrast of the center flower medallion dipped in deep indigo blue where each pedal is decorated and filled with stylized floral and blooming directional trees and flowers. Then, entering the next level as we get closer to the epicenter of the rug, you see another light flower, with another darker flower inside, to meet a pistachio green and rose flower, and finally deep indigo, beige ring to surround the green center motif. If I lost you there, I'm sorry - but this rug has so many complex layers that follow one another that it's hard to put into words. There is an elegance this piece carries that is impossible to ignore, and the fact that it's in nearly mint condition also elevates it's a rarity. Lastly, there is a very difficult asymmetrical element to this piece tath even a very trained eye would have a hard time seeing - it's inside the last row of borders inside the one with round tear-drop shaped motifs surrounding the field of the rug. In the middle of the rug at the top of the piece, you will see a small letter"B" in Farsi. This can only be noted as a signature of sorts, from the weaver that has left her mark somewhere nearly undetected. It's this birthmark of the rug that makes it one of one, but of course, it's every single nuance as well - but I will say this... I personally like more tribal and geometric pieces, but when you look at this rug you can't help but become overwhelmed by its beauty. A masterpiece to say the least, and one that has unusual colors, quality, characteristics, and of course merit of the weaver. This is one of the most graceful pieces I've ever seen and I really am curious to see where it goes.

This rug is one-of-a-kind, only one available.

Let me know if you'd like additional photos or a video of this piece.

Because of the nature and age of these older/antique handmade pieces, irregularities and age-related wear are likely to exist and are not considered defects.

Any questions about this rug? Don't hesitate to reach out!

We always recommend a high-quality custom cut pad for any and all rugs; these pads are made for hand-knotted rugs. They create a body and support the knots of the rug, as well as prevent it from slipping and sliding.

A note from us to you: Buying a rug is special; it's not just you finding the rug, but also the rug finding you. Think about the many coincidences that have to occur for you to find the rug of your dreams. Our rugs are woven by nomads in the villages and remote mountainous regions of the major rug weaving districts across the world. All of our rugs are genuinely old and one-of-a-kind. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. The story of a rug is something we think about a lot; who was the weaver(s)? Did they weave it for personal use, commerce, to gift, or trade? Who was the second owner, and the third!? Sometimes the little motifs and symbols in rugs can help tell the story, but we will never truly know - there's something beautiful about that. Alas, our joy is to curate these incredible pieces that speak to us, and to pass them along to their new owners to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come; both continuing to add to the story of the rug, and to the story of the new owners.

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