COLORFUL Charming Antique Rug | Schools of Fish Swimming Throughout this Antique Rug | 4.6 x 6.8


*All of our antique & vintage rugs are professionally cleaned prior to being listed.*

Name: COLORFUL Charming Antique Rug | Schools of Fish Swimming Throughout this Antique Rug 

Size: 4.6 x 6.8

Age: Semi-Antique

Pile: Low/Med

About: Truly a remarkably fun, happy, playful, and charming rug. How could you not see this and smile?! The grassy greens, the bright tangerine oranges, the funky reds and blush, the earthy variations of browns, and of course the deep Merlot-vino color with touches of eggplant. Iconic Bakshayesh borders with the jagged leaves and flower head. You won't find a happier rug with an incredible wool pile, amazing shape and condition, and just an overall feel like this piece. Put it somewhere fun and let people know you aren't afraid of color. This is for either my maximalists that want to arrest the eyes of all that step into their space, or even for the undercover bold design lovers that choose to keep things quiet except for their art on the floor and walls! Whatever your flavor, this RAINBOW of colors will feed your eyes and soul each and every time you're near it! 

This rug is one-of-a-kind, only one in the world, no others are available.

Because of the nature and age of these older/antique handmade pieces -  irregularities, ancient old repairs/touch-ups, and age-related wear are likely to exist and are not considered defects. 

Any questions about this rug? Don't hesitate to reach out!

We always recommend a high-quality custom cut pad for any and all rugs; these pads are made for hand-knotted rugs. They create a body and support the knots of the rug, as well as prevent it from slipping and sliding.

A note from us to you: Buying a rug is special; it's not just you finding the rug, but also the rug finding you. Think about the many coincidences that have to occur for you to find the rug of your dreams. Our rugs are woven by nomads in the villages and remote mountainous regions of the major rug weaving districts across the world. All of our rugs are genuinely old and one-of-a-kind. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. The story of a rug is something we think about a lot; who was the weaver(s)? Did they weave it for personal use, commerce, to gift, or trade? Who was the second owner, and the third!? Sometimes the little motifs and symbols in rugs can help tell the story, but we will never truly know - there's something beautiful about that. Alas, our joy is to curate these incredible pieces that speak to us, and to pass them along to their new owners to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come; both continuing to add to the story of the rug, and to the story of the new owners.

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