HISTORICAL Antique Bakshayesh Rug | Artistic TRIBAL Beauty with Clay, Umber, Amber hues - True Gem | 9.6 x 13.7


Beautiful Antique Rug that was woven over 110 years ago. Incredible rug, one of one.

* All of our antique & vintage rugs are professionally cleaned prior to being listed.*

Name: HISTORICAL Antique Bakshayesh Rug | Artistic TRIBAL Beauty with Clay, Umber, Amber hues - True Gem!

Size: 9.6 x 13.7

Age: Antique, C. 1910's

Pile: Low with some ancient old repairs and restorations and imperfections. Several sealed burlap security backings on underside of rug.

See pics and if you need more, just ask!

About: TRUE ANTIQUE rug, this is a gem. Over 110 years ago, this rug was woven by nomads and tribal people to decorate the homes of the distinct wealthy and/or powerful people whether Nobel artists and merchants or those in political power and reign. And here we are, 100 years later enjoying the art of true masters in their craft. These are the most artistic drawings and "maps" or designs of the weavers of the Northwest. No template to go off of, they only weave from their heart and soul, with dedication, patience, and love. This rug is in fantastic condition for its age, and the combination of the earthy copper hues with the cool blues and soft earthy beige makes this a delight for the eyes. Stepping on this rug will also make those feet happy due to the soft hand-spun wool from the high-altitude mountains where the sheep had the best diets and conditions for life. Beautiful structural design in the border to frame the wildly open vine and branch motifs inside. All flank and dance around the over-sized layered medallion to present to us the focal point of the entire piece, an asymmetrical geometric floral motif that is off-center a bit - which is just perfect in its imperfect nature. The small but present 4 corner spandrels add some bit of an anchor in the field, but really it is overpowered but the geometric and irregular lines of the branches that sprout out and throughout. This piece has many variations of clay, deep earthy rust, browns, mocha, espresso, and every shade of reddish autumn leaves, with the coolness of slate blues, icy blues, variations of royal blues and more. It will read slightly different hues of those tones depending on which way you look at the rug and in what light- all in all, it's a delight for the eyes, heart, and soul from any side of the rug and from any angle. The rug has some restoration and patch/reweaving with some threadbare areas and some of the fringe on the ends missing. Some of the threadbare areas are reinforced with burlap from many moons ago that we will keep because it is there to hold the knots in place, very well done. We can definitely secure the fringe areas to prevent unraveling, but anything else would be too much. It's ready to use and be loved for another 100+ years by its new owners! Really Majestic piece and the size is perfect for a larger dining area due to it's the extra length and slightly wider width than a normal standard size rug.