Vintage Rug | Plush Wool Apricot Boteh Design Vintage Runner | 4 x 10.4

Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs are what we specialize in and every piece in our collection is genuinely old, authentic pieces with beauty and mystique, and of course washed and ready to use!

Name: Swasti

Size: 4 x 10.4

Age: Antique C. 1940's

Pile: Low/Med

About: This is a fantastic piece with an iconic Boteh design and filled with random animal motifs that are signs of protection. The Boteh motifs are signs of seeds/fertility/growth/prosperity - but if we take the most direct and literal meaning of them, the Seed, and the animals are signs of protection - then the weaver could have woven this design speaking to the world that this rug was woven for her children and to be protected forever. That is beautiful!! It is ONLY through these messages and hidden symbols that we can connect the dots that the weaver intended for her art, as she isn't longer alive to tell her story. This is why these pieces are so mysterious and arbitrary yet the meanings are hidden in plain sight if we're willing to open our eyes and hearts. The colors of apricot, rust, autumn, and an amber meets umber are so pretty, only to be grounded with the stark contrast of the deep indigo blues, softer medium blues, random greens that pop through particular parts of the design, the beige, even some random purple! Such a wild color palette. An awesome mountain-inspired border around the perimeter and the chain-linked boteh design where no two seeds touching are alike, and the animals watch over. Lastly, if you look close - you will see the most controversial symbol of the 21st century - the SWASTIKA. Obviously, this rug was woven before WW1 and WW2 so the meaning of the motif was intended to represent what it was always intended to represent - balance, the four pillars of life, and all the other POSITIVE meanings this symbol represented in ancient Oriental and Middle eastern culture hundreds and hundreds of years ago. I actually love seeing this symbol in antique rugs and textiles because it gives us a chance to embrace the true meaning and try and erase the meaning that Hitler made famous. If we are educated, then we can educate anyone else that sees this symbol and maybe one day bring it back to its original meanings of all that is good. This rug has an incredibly soft wool pile with natural goat hair foundation making it a soft and floppy handle yet nice and dense in terms of the weave. Some minor age-related wear but nothing really worth mention or easily notable - but all in all, you will LOVE this charming nomadic piece!

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We always recommend a high-quality custom cut pad for any and all rugs; these pads are made for hand-knotted rugs. They create a body and support the knots of the rug, as well as prevent it from slipping and sliding.

A note from us to you: Buying a rug is special; it's not just you finding the rug, but also the rug finding you. Think about the many coincidences that have to occur for you to find the rug of your dreams. Our rugs are woven by nomads in the villages and remote mountainous regions of the major rug weaving districts across the world. All of our rugs are genuinely old and one-of-a-kind. Like anything old and unique, they are filled with character, soul, and story. The story of a rug is something we think about a lot; who was the weaver(s)? Did they weave it for personal use, commerce, to gift, or trade? Who was the second owner, and the third!? Sometimes the little motifs and symbols in rugs can help tell the story, but we will never truly know - there's something beautiful about that. Alas, our joy is to curate these incredible pieces that speak to us, and to pass them along to their new owners to be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come; both continuing to add to the story of the rug, and to the story of the new owners.

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